Early Life and Times of Adam Loeber – California / Chicago / Tulsa

April 11 2013 Chicago motor car used and new dealer Adam Loeber was born in Glenview Illinois, in 1975. His early life was comfortable. His father was a dentist and his mother an accountant for a local insurance company, so they were able to provide a comfortable home for him and his siblings.

Adam attended high school in the public system, where he achieved excellent marks in classes and planned to attend a prestigious university. His plans changed, however, when he decided to apply to Berkley University on a whim. Not only did Berkley accept him to their college, but they also provided him with a full scholarship for merit, as well.

Moving to California was a quote “tough” transition for Adam, although it was made easier because he was already friends with a couple classmates from elementary. Adam always had an interest in sports cars and collecting jewelry. Specifically, Adam has had an affinity for selling new and used Mercedes, Porsche and BMWs since he was 18. Upon graduation, he decided to pursue being a car dealer in Tulsa.